Plastic rescued from going into landfills to produce our products


We work hard to provide items that are environmentally friendly, ethically created and sustainable, as a part of our dedication to the world. Recycling plastic bags demonstrates our dedication to leaving a positive environmental legacy.

Unlike the bags made from virgin cloth, our products take 59%l ess energy to manufacture.

24.9 cubic yards of space are saved by saving plastics that would have ended up in landfills

Compared to virgin fabric, our products generate 32% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

We utilises 90% less water than conventional fabric production techniques.


We at Skrapp support pursuing sustainability as a way of life. We are dedicated to minimising the negative effects of our company on the environment, including the packaging we utilise.

Drawstring bags preserve and protect  your bought item till you receive it. They are created from scrap plastic and may be used in any way. Also, they are water resistant.

To save energy, we don't print on cardboard boxes. Paper tape is used in place of plastic tape to further avoid the use of plastic.

Our tags are printed on seed-infused recycled paper, encouraging our customers to help ecologically by growing their own plants.


The most crucial challenge in building efficient and long-lasting goods is selecting the materials. Skrapp takes great attention to making sure that all of the components and raw materials we acquire have a low or no carbon impact, can be recycled or are biodegradable.


Recycled polyethylene terephthalate, generally known as rPET, is a material formed by recycling discarded PET plastic bottles. rPET is similar to virgin polyester in terms of quality. Reusing it provides framework for an ecologically responsible course of action because PET Plastic is abundantly available in our environment. Moreover it  features shatterproof reliability that assures safeguarding to contents it surrounds. 


Skrapp-sheets have appearance and texture of leather is manufactured solely out of used plastic bags, does not require any extra chemicals and does not produce any hazardous chemicals as a byproduct. The manufacturing procedure is set up to be risk-free, economical, and to produce the lowest emissions feasible. The used plastic bags are gathered from stores, workplaces, and apartment buildings in and around Gurugram. The collected plastic bags are then separated, sterilised and processed into Skrapp-sheets


We are a young, independently-funded organisation with the desire to make a positive impact on the environment. With your aid, there are countless possibilities that may be realised in the direction of a sustainable tomorrow. If our cause communicates with you, then help us by donating and together let’s forge a path of a better future together.