Get to know us

Skrapp was founded with the aim of making a positive difference. Today, we stand out because we are passionate about travel and lifestyle items and at same time deeply concerned about the environment. Sustainability, in our opinion, is a duty rather than a choice. We are dedicated to producing high-quality goods while having as little impact as possible on the environment. We work to improve everyone’s future, starting with the resources we use and the people we collaborate with.


Skrapp’s main goal is to encourage the development of a circular ecosytem that is supported by the regulation of four essential components: fair trade, resource conservation, energy efficiency and environmental preservation.

Each of these components is symbolised by a unique emblem and is in charge of sustaining a successful recycling industry. Skrapp’s goal is supported by these four pillars, which act as the firm’s cornerstone.


Our objective is to swap traditional purchases with environmentally smart goods created from post-consumer recycled/upcycled single-use plastic bottles and polybags. By employing these recycled materials, we are able to drastically minimise land-ocean pollution, use less energy, water, and landfill space, and have a considerable positive carbon impact.


Skrapp’s creator and CEO, Krityanand Kundan, values sustainability and environmental responsibility. His main aim with Skrapp was to recycle plastic waste and create usable goods as a testament to innovation and to the establishment of a community that values environmental responsibility.

He is also an accomplished entrepreneur with a solid experience in marketing and communications. He has a background in business and commerce and has previously advised some of the top executives of international organisations on strategic communication planning and business development.